Review- The Ravishing of Beauty

The Ravishing of BeautyThe Ravishing of Beauty by Jessica Satin


Warning: This story was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires. It is not for the faint of heart and is not your mother’s erotica. All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature. It’s not suitable for someone under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk.

Belle’s choice to become the Beast’s prisoner changes her in ways she never imagined.

After her Beast transforms back into his human form, they eagerly explore each other’s bodies. He can ram his fingers into her and probe his tongue deep between her lips. She can feel the warm bulge of his muscles and run her fingers through his red-gold hair, but it’s not enough. Their sexual affair began long before he was human, and Belle can’t help remembering what it was like to have sex with her Beast. She learned to love him through all the blood and sacrifice it required. Belle and Prince Adam must learn to find new ways to express their depraved desires

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hmm… Hmm… Hmm…

I don’t even know where to start. So how about …this is a retold erotica version of the story Beauty and The Beast. I fully understood that going into the story. I read the blurb. It said “this is not your mothers erotica.” Nope it is definitely not. I’m pretty sure my mother has never read erotica, in fact my mother doesn’t read and if she did, it would probably be some kind of love inspired stuff where they blush whenever they kiss. Okay, maybe that was harsh, because I like the modest love stories just as much as I like the steamy ones. However, I have to say that this story was new for me. I was definitely out of my element here. I’ve read some light BDSM and enjoyed it, but this goes beyond those limits. Unfortunately, it just isn’t my thing.

However, with those feelings aside, the story isn’t terrible and I am sure there will be loads that enjoy this sort of tale. For me it’s a matter of personal preference. Although there is a bouncing of POV changes that somewhat throw you at times, the writing is good. And the author definitely has a knack for sex scenes.

If you like S&M, then you’d probably love this. Or if you just want to try something different, then by all means it will definitely enlighten you.  Find it on Amazon.

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