I grew up in Central Texas but have lived in the foothills of Kentucky, with my husband and two sons, long enough to consider it home.  I alternate between consuming copious amounts of coffee and wine, sing loudly in the car, and shamelessly swear more than I should- all of which keep me sane 🙂

I love writing small-town stories of happily ever after and have an affinity for all genres of music, but I’m partial to my southern roots.

10 Random Facts:

1) I have visited almost all 50 states and traveled to several of the Caribbean Islands.

2) I hoard recipes but rarely use them (I’m really trying to be better about this.)

3) My purse must be big enough to carry my Kindle because it goes everywhere with me.

4) I’m not a fan of chocolate unless we are talking about whoppers.  I can eat my weight in those little delicious babies.

5) I started cross-stitching a quilt about 15 years ago and have yet to finish it.  I say I’m going to work on this, but it won’t happen.

6)  I could eat sweet potatoes every day.  Yep, love those precious beauties, too.

7) At one time I had a baby goat living inside my house.

8) I have a fear of talking in front of people no matter how big or small the audience is.  I even walked out on my final in my college speech class and refused to do it.  Luckily, my professor passed me with a C.  So, we are safe to say you all will never have to be bothered with hearing my voice 🙂

9) Although I have never been involved in an accident with another moving vehicle, I am a terrible driver and have hit just about every stationary object possible.  Needless to say, my husband never lets me drive on road trips.

10) Unless the Kentucky Wildcats are playing, I rarely watch TV and have no idea what is currently on.

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  1. ReplyKev

    I love Kentucky! :)

  2. Replylorriebowden

    Congrats on you Book!!! So exciting :)

  3. Replywoodbeez48

    I'm so glad you found my blog, Dena and thanks for following me. I'm so pleased as well that you think you might like my book! I felt the same about yours and have added it to my 'Want to Read' shelf on Goodreads. Nice to 'meet' you on here and wishing you lots of success with your debut novel :)

    • Replydenarogers

      Thank you Julie. Nice to meet you as well. I look forward to your post and the coming of your novel. :)

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