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COVER REVEAL: What The Bachelor Gets by: Kristina Knight


COMING … February 8, 2016

Vegas Nightly just named local property developer Gage Reeves its Sexiest Bachelor, not a title he likes, especially when it brings showgirls, local socialites and entertainers to his doorstep 24/7.

Callie Holliday has a plan: make her day spa the hottest ticket in Vegas. The problem? She’s saddled with a bad location and a zero account balance. A chance meeting with childhood friend Gage Reeves offers one solution: setting up shop at his new development.

Gage’s ordered life twists out of control when he begins to fall for his childhood friend because Callie is determined to keep things business like. She doesn’t like to depend on people, but Gage makes it hard to remember exactly why…


Callie unlocked the front door but didn’t move to go inside. Instead, she stood beside him as if waiting. Their bodies didn’t touch, but he could feel a slight hum that seemed to connect him to her.

“Good night, Gage.”

“Good night, Cal.”

This time she moved, toward him. Gage stepped forward, too, and leaned in to press his lips to hers. She was soft, her full lips steady beneath his, and she tasted like the Corona and lime she’d been drinking. Gage slipped his hands to her neck to play his thumbs against the sensitive skin beneath her jaw, and Callie stepped forward again, this time bringing her body in full contact with his. His dick jumped in his jeans.

Her hands pressed against his chest and then pushed up around his neck. Callie slanted her head and opened her mouth to him. Gage pushed her against the doorframe, insinuating his leg between hers as he took the kiss deeper.

She drew him in, deep into the depths of her, and Gage didn’t care if they kissed like this for the rest of the night. He wanted to be near her. Wanted to feel her against him. Wanted to go on tasting her until he was positive he’d never forget any of it.

Finally, he broke the kiss, panting, his lips millimeters from hers.

Callie swallowed, and he watched the muscles in her throat slide down and then up slowly. She blew out a breath.

“Good night, Gage?” It was a question, and he didn’t want to answer it.

“Good night, Cal,” he said. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Before he could talk himself into her condo, Gage returned to the truck. He sat in the cab for a long moment, watching until Callie went inside and closed the door. Then he looked at his jeans and said, “Cold shower, buddy, ice-cold shower.”


Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police–no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. Her career took her all over the United States, writing about everything from a serial killer’s capture to the National Finals Rodeo. Along the way, she found her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots and an abiding love for romance novels. And just like the characters from her favorite books, she’s living her own happily ever after.

Kristina writes sassy contemporary romance novels; her books have appeared on Kindle Best Seller Lists. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!

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The year has come and gone and with it so has my yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge.  If you’re not on Goodreads or just haven’t heard of it before, it’s a neat way of keeping track of the books you’ve read throughout the year.  I suppose you can make challenges against your friends and such, however, I use it solely as a personal tool.  For the past three year’s I’ve completed the challenge and each year upped my goal of books to read.  Last year I came in around seventy something, so I thought I’d try to surpass that this year and go for a hundred. Unfortunately, it’s been a rough year health wise for my family and I haven’t had the time to devote to reading like I wish I could have.  I ended up reading sixty-one books, of which the covers and a few fun facts are listed below.


LONGEST BOOK:  The Fog by Shelby Nolan 502 pages

SHORTEST BOOK:  The Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson 28 pages


MOST POPULAR BOOK:  Captivated By You by Sylvia Day

LEAST POPULAR BOOK:  Liphar Short Stories Volumn II (any consolation, I enjoyed each one of these)

HIGHEST RATED ON GOODREADS:  Exposed Secrets by April Nichols Baker


Creating Space

I was tagged eons ago by Rachel Carrera to do a post about my writing space.  Yes, my writing space.  You know the place you go to sit down and pour yourself out onto the screen.  The spot you run to when you have an idea that you just can’t wait to get out.  A writers sanctuary.  We all have one, right?  Right? Right …. well, actually wrong.  Nope.  No writing space here.  No desk, no table.  No corner in the house where I can even slump against the wall with my laptop perched on my legs.  I totally flubbed the post Rachel tagged me in and instead wrote about the places I’d love to have.  My dream writing nooks, because let’s face it, although a desk is an easy fix, I just didn’t have the space to put one.  My house is small.  Really small!  And after almost twenty years here with two growing boys, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, none of which is desk … oh wait.  Actually that’s a lie.  We have a cheap desk in my bedroom that holds a printer.  Yep, it’s big enough to hold a printer, no room for my laptop, much less anything else and when I said cheap, I’m pretty sure it came from the Dollar Store or someplace like that.  It was a quick fix until we could get something more permanent, which obviously never happened.  So, my writing space(s) over the last few years have consisted of the kitchen table, the couch and my favorite spot, my bed.  And while these places sound convenient, they aren’t all that cozy for the old back.  Yep, I’m getting old and sitting in bed crouched over my laptop isn’t something I’m going to be able to withstand for much longer.  This summer we made the decision that something had to give.   My wonderful hubby came up with the idea of expanding our garage.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t all that sure about the idea.  I mean, seriously who is really benefiting from this?  Yeah, he plans to put an office in for me, but you know what else is happening?  More room for HIS stuff.  His stuff that’s cluttering up the garage.  And really, how convenient is is going to be for me to slip out of the house at odd hours of the night to set up my laptop in the middle of winter?  Yeah, I wasn’t all that convinced, but he had this grand plan about heating it with propane and I’ll have a window overlooking the holler (that’s hollow if you aren’t from around here) and we’ll make the inside look like a rustic log cabin.  From that point on, he pretty much had me on board, because my perfect writing nook definitely would be a rustic cabin.  However, realistically, I know it’s not a permanent solution to my problem.  Although I’d love to shut myself out of the house and work without any distractions, abandoning my family for hours on end isn’t an option.  So, yes, the garage addition is still a go and I do plan to use it when time allows.  But I’ve also decided that it’ll serve many purposes.  I can move my paints out there where they’re readily available and some of my other craft items that I keep tucked away out of sight.  So it won’t be just a place to write, it’ll be my own little sanctuary … when it’s finished.  Which isn’t going to be relatively soon since my husband is doing all the work himself (he’s handy like that.)

In the meantime I’ve been plucking along in my usual spots, making my rounds to the couch, bed, and sometimes table.  And then one day I was at my sisters house and I see her husbands desk sitting in the middle of their den.  So, I crept down to his office to see what’s going on and there along one side of his wall is this big, new, shiny, L-shaped desk.  My mouth practically falls open and my heart speeds up.  I get all giddy inside as I make my way back to the living room.  I try to act calm when I ask my sister, “What are you doing with that old desk?”   She shakes her head, so I continue.  “I might want it if your just going to give it away.”  Yeah, I totally threw that out there like I hadn’t just stumbled upon a gold mine.  She nods this time and I say, “I’m not sure I have a place to put it, though.”  Already, I’m rearranging furniture in my head and have come to the conclusion that we really don’t need a TV in the living room.  I mean, I don’t watch it anyway.  I continued my mental floorplan when I got home and took in the house.  I squeezed that desk in every available space and no matter where I put it, it just wasn’t going to work.  I even considered putting it in the kitchen in the spot between the freezer and laundry closet, but that idea got squashed when my brother in-law dropped it off on Thanksgiving Day and I realized it wouldn’t fit.  For a couple days it sat behind my couch in this weird pocket of space that my boys created over the summer.  I blogged about that, too, but in case you aren’t up to speed on things, my kids were given the liberty of staying home by themselves this summer and each day it was almost like a game trying to figure out what we would come home to.  One day, they decided to clean and rearrange the living room.  Yes, they moved my furniture and aside from the couch sitting oddly in the middle of the room with a bench behind it, they actually did a pretty good job.  Not wanting to hurt their feelings, we left it that way for a few days.  Then a few more and a few more and well, when the desk arrived on Thanksgiving, the couch was still pushed in the middle of the floor with that odd area behind it.   With the kitchen idea out, I had to go back to the drawing board and that’s when it hit me.  The place behind the couch was actually sort of perfect.  There was plenty of space, except our fish tank was kind of in the way or actually not so much in the way, as where it sat would make the area look even more weirder than it already did.  But, after a couple hours work and the fish tank gone, the bench moved to the porch (because the porch now has a roof on it), my desk fit nicely in the corner of the living room.  I even had space to push the couch back a little and now that doesn’t look so weird either.  No major moves, we still have a TV and I have a desk … with no chair!  Well… I had the wooden kitchen table chairs, but seriously, they are not the comfiest things to sit in long term and as bad as I hated it after all the thought I’d put into it, I found myself sitting in bed or on the couch instead of at my desk.  Again, I know a chair is a super easy thing to acquire, but spending money on myself right before Christmas didn’t feel right.  So, I did what any mature adult would do.  I asked my momma for one for Christmas 🙂 and momma always delivers what you want!  Pictures aren’t the best because I took them with my Kindle (phone is dead as usual and I refuse to charge it), but there it is folks, my new space.  My hand me down desk, new chair, and all my favorite things surrounding me.  Best. Christmas. Ever.  Okay, so maybe not the best, but pretty damn close.  I’m happy and yes, since I’ve set it up, I haven’t moved my laptop to any of my other places.  I think I finally found my space.




A New Kind Of Christmas

th (2)

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Mom and Dad were stirring about like chickens with their heads cut off.

That was how most of my Christmas Eve past have been.  We’ve never put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve after the kids went to sleep, when Santa came and usually it’s a late night trying to get them all wrapped, because wrapping gifts is one of my least favorite things to do in the world.  It’s a job usually reserved for my husband, who dolls each one of them up perfectly.  He’s good at it and I think enjoys it, which is fine by me, because I’m perfectly happy writing names on gift tags.

Things changed this year.   The Santa secret is out, so there won’t be any need to stay up late to slide gifts under the tree when no one is watching.  I’m sort of on the fence about how I feel about that, too.  I miss the magic of it all.  Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve to know where he’s at.  Baking cookies.  The boys excitement when they see the tree for the first time and the happiness when they received a gift they really wanted.  I know some of that will still happen.  But there’s an essence missing when they no longer believe.   However, not having to keep all things hidden and secretive has it’s advantages.  We’ve begun making new traditions.  One’s that will probably carry on until heaven forbid should I say grandchildren come around …  I wrapped gifts as they came in.  Yes, I wrapped them.  Most of them anyway.  They aren’t all pretty and neat like my husband would have them, but does that really matter?   Most are also already under the tree.  Since the boys have gone through them and tried to guess what each were (they’re pretty darn good at it, too) I’ve saved a few back that I’ll slip in later tonight.  Tonight we’ll still bake cookies, but instead of trying to usher them off to bed, we’ll stay up playing games.  We have a rematch of Clue planned and I’m determined to win this time. Even tomorrows breakfast will be different.  Instead of tossing some cinnamon rolls in the oven because it’s simple and quick, I’ve planned a crockpot breakfast casserole that will cook all night.  I think the guys will appreciate it much more since they are hearty breakfast food eaters.

Things are changing and that’s okay.  It’s how life works.  The kids get older and they no longer enjoy doing the things they did before, but that doesn’t mean the beauty of it all has to disappear.  We’ll create new traditions.  And I’m sure as the years pass, we’ll add to them, figuring out what we like and what we don’t.  But in the end, the only thing that really matters, is that we are all together.

I hope whatever you celebrate this Holiday season, you celebrate it with the one’s you love.   Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Modern Magic A Quartet of Fractured Fairy Tales

Modern Magic

What if Cinderella ditched the prince’s ball and sent her fairy godmother to find love in her place?

Suppose a streetwise hero hired to steal an all-powerful Genie (stuck in a flash drive rather than a brass lamp) for a tech company ended up running for his life with the CEO’s gorgeous, intelligent daughter?

Or what if the bed that a certain golden-tressed girl accidentally napped in belonged to the hot and famous middle brother of a notorious boy band?

Can you envision the sparks that might fly if a bitter and downright beastly wheelchair-bound woman propositioned a handsome bookseller to stay with her in exchange for her rare book collection?

This spellbinding anthology features modern and sexy spins on four classic fairy tales that will enchant you by Jennifer DeCuir, Stephanie Cage, Andrea R. Cooper, and Nancy C. Weeks.


Excerpt for A Late-Blooming Rose by Jennifer DeCuir

 Leaving the coffee service behind to clean up later, Beau swept an arm under Eva’s knees and waited for her to grab his neck for balance before lifting her from her chair. The sliding glass door that led out to the flagstone patio was still open. He frowned down at the track. There had to be a way to cover it, even temporarily, so that Eva could have access to her little entertaining area out here. It had the best view of her rose garden this close to the house.

“My chair was back there. Where are you taking me? Beau!”

Her tiny fists thumped at his chest as he carried her through the living room and out into the hall. With a purposeful stride, he entered the library. Intending to set her down in one of the wingback chairs in the center of the room, Beau changed his mind at the last second and dropped into the seat himself, Eva draped across his lap.

“I demand that you take me back to my chair this instant!” She struggled in his arms, as much as her upper body would allow.

Beau winced when he took a sharp elbow to the gut. “Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. Look where you are. Take a deep breath. Smell that? Leather and old paper, ink.”

“This is ridiculous. Why did you bring me in here?”

“You need a sanctuary. You need a place where it’s safe to be yourself, to let it all out and grieve for those you have lost. You can’t get to your roses, and I feel terrible about that. But you can get to your books.”

Don’t tell me what I need! I need to be left alone. I need you to go back to Syracuse and leave me with my grandfather’s books and my mother’s ruined rose bushes. Stop making me—”

“What? Feel? You cover up the hurt by pushing people away. You replace the grief with anger. You spend so much time feeling sorry for yourself when you could be reliving the happy memories.”

“I can’t. I’m not strong enough. I see their faces in my head, and it hurts.” She was clutching his shirt now.

“Then just breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

“I can’t remember the sound of their voices. Every day it’s like a little more of them fades. But I’m still here. I’m always here.”

She cried then. Great, heaving sobs that broke his heart and made his entire body ache to hear. He held her tight, not uttering a word as she finally released tears five years in the making. He rubbed her back, comforting her as he would a small child. He cradled her as the shudders became less pronounced, the sobs turning to sniffles and finally to rhythmic breathing that indicated she’d fallen asleep. Standing up once more, he brought her to her room and tucked her in for the night.



Jennifer DeCuir, author of A Late-Blooming Rose, grew up in a small town in Maine, which provides the basis for Scallop Shores, the fictional town in Drawn to Jonah. She’s busy raising two kids and a husband. She loves including children and babies in her stories, as her own provide endless story ideas. Currently residing in rain-soaked Washington, she can usually be found working on her latest book in a local Starbucks.

Where to find Jennifer DeCuir:


Author Facebook Page


Stephanie Cage, author of Music to Her Ears is a British romance writer, author of ‘Perfect Partners’ (Crimson Romance) and ‘Desperate Bid (The Wild Rose Press). She studied English Literature at Oxford University and Creative Writing at Bath Spa. One of her most exciting writing moments was winning a holiday to Sicily in the Woman’s Own Short Story Competition. More recently she won the Yorkshire Ridings Magazine’s Romance Story competition. Oddly, both short stories were set in the same location in Yorkshire.

Where to find Stephanie Cage:


Stephanie Cage’s Author Page


Amazon Page


Andrea R. Cooper, author of Fairy Trouble writes fantasy, paranormal, historical and romantic suspense. Her favorite childhood memories revolved around creating vibrant characters for her friends, and then acting out their adventures. Inside her fantasy worlds of darkened forests, dragon-filled glades, and iced islands, nothing was banned. From the ethereal Elvin to the most maligned Vampires, all were welcome in her fictional realities, a stark contrast to her home, where the magical and mythical was forbidden.

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Nancy C. Weeks, author of His One Wish has loved happy-ever-after romances since she was in her early teens. While still in college, she met and married her hero. She spent the next several years honeymooning and working overseas. Today, she lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she loves spending her days on her deck writing as the local bird population keeps her company.

Find Nancy C. Weeks:


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Guest Post & Interview: Lola Karns Lucky Traveler

Please welcome Lola Karns and her recent release, Lucky Traveler, to the blog today.


Nearly a year after she found her boyfriend with his hand up someone else’s dress, Midwestern school teacher, Keira Jones, contacts a dating service in a faraway town for a much-needed confidence boost and night of adoration.

Logan Collins doesn’t remember much about the night he screwed up his cousin’s wedding and his life. But with five months of sobriety under his belt and most of his amends made, he celebrates with a 1Night Stand.

When Madame Eve sends these ex-lovers to the same Las Vegas hotel room, the two of them must discover whether good luck or bad luck guides their travels.

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Hi Lola! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve moved a lot, but I hope to stay put in Minnesota where I’ve lived for the past two years. My two kids love it here and my husband and I are tired of unpacking moving boxes. We have three cats, and all of us have a healthy addiction to books.

How long have you been writing or when did you know you wanted to write?

I grew up wanting to write non-fiction or poetry. I was always spinning little stories in my head to keep myself amused, but writing fiction didn’t occur to me until I was in grad school. A hurricane damaged an archive essential to my dissertation before I had a chance to visit. I decided to give fiction a go so my research wouldn’t go to waste. I still haven’t written that book. I started actively writing fiction 8 years ago.

Tell us about your latest book and the characters.

My latest release is the novella, Lucky Traveler. When Keira Jones signed up for a dating service, the last person she expected at the door was the ex-boyfriend who crushed her self-confidence, Logan Collins.

Where did you get the inspiration for your latest book?

I wanted to write a full length romance for Logan and Keira who were first introduced in my 2014 book Bad Traveler, but the characters wouldn’t cooperate. Lucky Traveler grew out of my need to know why they didn’t want to be in a book together.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

I usually work in my home office, but sometimes I write outside on my front porch.

Are you working on anything new?

I’m experimenting with another genre. After I finish that story, I have two more contemporary romances plotted and ready to go.

Give us one piece of advice or editing tip for aspiring writers.

Identify your five most overused or filler words (common ones include very, just, thought, knew, it, now). Before you think of sending the manuscript out to anyone else, reduce the number of times those words appear in your manuscript by half.


authorphotoLolaKarns (80x100)Having held myriad jobs as Lola Karns moved through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia, and Virginia, she decided she needed a portable career. Writing fit the bill.

Lola currently resides in Minnesota with her husband, two children, two hairless cats and a fluffy ex-stray cat. When not writing, she enjoys baking, reading and drinking coffee.

She is the author of Lucky Traveler, Bad Traveler and Winter Fairy.






Weekend before last I attended Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz, a multi-genre book fair featuring almost 100 authors.  As I mentioned before, I was a little nervous, as this was my first big event.  Things went just fine, in fact, I met some Facebook friends in person, made a lot of new contacts and enjoyed the day with a great friend.  I didn’t take many pictures because the lighting and my phone didn’t want to cooperation, so a big thank you to Molly Daniels, who graciously allowed me to snag a couple of her’s.  LPTOUTSIDE THE LOUISVILLE PALACE THEATER, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE













MUSIC MONDAY: Dear Luke Bryan

Dear Luke Bryan,

Let me start off by saying I know you are fully aware of the chaos of last Tuesday’s concert at Talon Farms and Winery in Lexington, Kentucky and that this should probably be addressed to either the event planner or the venue itself for agreeing to host an event they couldn’t handle, however, I don’t know their names and besides, it makes me feel special to think I’m actually writing Luke Bryan 🙂 And FYI, I promise this won’t be too harsh, so please bear with me!

Before I get started about how I feel, I’d like to give you a rundown on the eight days prior to the concert so that you can get a good feel for the frame of mind I was in that day. Monday, September 28th, my youngest son was in an accident at school and airlifted to the hospital. I won’t go into all the details because I’ve already blogged about it, but it resulted in surgery, 31 staples in his head and a night in the hospital. Even though everything turned out okay, as a parent, I know you can relate when I say the event took it’s toll on me and my husband. By the time we made it home on Tuesday afternoon and got my car at school where I left it, I was completely worn out.

We found out last month my oldest son, who’s thirteen, needed hearing aids. Actually it’s been an ongoing issue for a couple years now, but the decision to go ahead with them was finally made, so guess what Wednesday was? Hearing aid day.  I made another trip back to Lexington early that morning. I live a little more than an hour away in case you want to keep up with all the travelling I’m doing. The hearing aids themselves have been a big source of stress. Not only for the financial responsibility of our out of pocket expenses, but also because what thirteen year old boy wants to wear hearing aids? Not mine! Again as a parent, you know, when your kids hurt, you hurt, so this hasn’t been easy for any of us. That afternoon, I had to meet with his principal to discuss some of my concerns and as soon as I left there I had to meet with little guys principal to go over the accident.  Yeah, another long day.

We are up to Thursday now, aren’t we? Yes, I believe we are. Even before the stuff with my kids came up, I had Thursday planned out. I would work half a day and then go to my sisters at lunch because she didn’t have anyone to sit with her. You see, my sister was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) four years ago and requires around the clock care. Again, I won’t get into any of the details because those reading this have heard me talk about it before and if you really do get your hands on this post by chance, you’d be able to look up the affects of ALS via Google. I will say she’s wheelchair bound with very little movement aside from her right hand. Her speech is almost completely gone to the point that it’s a guessing game of trying to figure out what she’s attempting to say.  However, my plans for that day changed when my brother in law got us tickets to your concert in Lexington. I’m not going to lie, after the week I’d had, I wasn’t looking forward to going and had things been different with my sister and she not have to rely on me to take her, I probably would have cancelled. I can’t tell you the relief I felt when you actually cancelled because of the rain. I know it pissed a lot of people off, but trust me, I wasn’t one of them. Because not only did it mean that I didn’t have to make another trip back to Lexington that evening, but I also could attend my son’s football game that night. Unfortunately after waiting 2 hours the other team never showed and his game got cancelled, too.

I don’t really have any traumatic events to tell you about Friday. Other than I worked and by the amount of day’s I’d taken off, I mean I literally worked my a$$ off.  Afterwards, I spent two hours at the grocery store because I couldn’t remember the last time I went. Again, it was late evening by the time I got home and got the groceries put away, dinner cooked, etc. I spent the rest of the night on the couch.  I had another long day Saturday when I headed to my sisters at 4:30 that morning to sit with her. By the time Sunday rolled around, not only had exhaustion consumed me, but laundry had taken over my house. Again, Monday I don’t have a lot to report other a near melt down when I got home from work and was informed by my insurance company that they wouldn’t cover my son’s hearing aids. It turned out to be a misunderstanding on both mine and the customer service representatives parts, but thinking that my already hefty cost was going to double wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Let me clarify that, it wasn’t what I needed to hear. I’m tired and stressed beyond stressed at this point, but getting the misunderstanding worked out was the second best news I’d heard all week. First was knowing my youngest son was going to be okay after his accident.

It’s Tuesday now. The rescheduled day of your concert. I had a few moments of panic Monday night trying to figure out how I was going to make this happen, because my little guy was scheduled to get his staples removed, plus I had to figure out how to get my sister to Lexington for the concert. We finally decided that I would leave work at noon, drive the thirty minutes to my sisters, then drive the hour to my mom’s work where I’d meet my husband and son so we could go on to the doctor and my mom and sister could go on to the concert. My plan was to just meet them there. The concert wasn’t until seven, so I had plenty of time, because I was just ten miles away. I’m sure before I go any further, you know the outcome of this scenario. At four o’clock, we had the staples removed, my family was well on their way back home and I was in traffic six miles from the venue. At six o’clock, my phone died and no I didn’t have a charger because I was in my mom’s car and I just didn’t think about grabbing one with everything else going on. At eight o’clock, I had barely moved two miles. By nine, I was on the verge of another meltdown. My mom and sister had no clue why I never arrived and I knew my husband would be worried because I never sent him a text telling him I’d gotten there. He hadn’t heard from me since five o’clock.

I want to give you the full scope of the craziness. People began abandoning their cars five miles out and walking. Other’s ran out of gas. I’m surprised someone didn’t get hit and killed as vehicles swerved in and out of the middle lane trying to cut in. Fights broke out and I saw more penis’s pissing in the middle of the street than I had ever seen in my life. At least most ladies ventured off into nearby backyards to use the facilities. Five hours and I only moved three miles. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted the night to go. I finally asked the ladies in the van behind me if I could use a phone to call my husband and that’s when the meltdown ensued.  I cried.  Like a big ol’ baby, I bawled.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know other than I suppose all the pent up tension from the previous week finally let go. Yeah, probably not one of my most proudest moments, but what can I say, everyone has a breaking point and sitting in my mom’s car by myself for five hours and barely moving, obviously was mine.  My husband told me to come home and after another thirty minutes and knowing I still had three miles to go, I did.

If your curious, here’s an article and video about the traffic from our local news.
Luke Bryan concert traffic could lead to change in city regulations

First I want to say thank you for waiting as long as you did to go on stage for those of us stuck in traffic. I heard you started at 9:20, at which time I was still there … waiting. The reality is, I probably never would have made it. So it was a total waste of ticket and time and I’m glad I gave up when I did. But it wasn’t just me. There was a line of traffic at least five miles long behind me when I left, so none of those got to see the concert either. Who thought sending twenty thousand people down a two lane road that turned into one lane the last three miles would be okay, really didn’t think things through all that well. Again, I don’t blame you personally. You get up on stage, you sing. That’s your job. So no hard feelings there. I am irritated, though, with those that I saw posting how stupid we were and how we should have planned better and what did we expect. Well, first of all, I’m not from Lexington and I didn’t know that particular road was as “country” as it was and secondly, I never expected it to take five hours to move three miles. Yes, I do feel I planned well enough and that three hours before the concert was plenty of time to drive the six miles. Besides, I couldn’t have left any sooner if I wanted. So to those people, I don’t have a lot of nice words, because some of them were really crude, but this isn’t the place to voice them.

I know a lot of people have a story about that night. Some probably crazier than mine, but for me, once my son was cleared from the doctor, it was a night I had finally begun looking forward to. I needed a little break from the stress of the past week and I looked forward to spending some time with both my mom and my sister, because it doesn’t happen with the three of us together all that often. Unfortunately, it will likely be my sisters last concert and I missed it. I missed that memory of listening to music and hanging out with them when our days together our numbered. I wasted five hours in traffic during a time that I could have really used it catching up on rest, picking up the house, or doing laundry. I’m not mad, I’m just really sad. Sad that I spent all that time and didn’t get to share it with them. It is what it is and I know you’ve taken a lot of flack over it, but truly if you take a step back and think about it, if someone is bitching because it was so crowded they couldn’t get into your show, I can only say congratulations. That means you’re loved and that should in some way make you feel good.  It’s quite a feat to know that so many people thought enough of you to wait for hours on end just to get in. If I was a betting woman, I’d bet my paycheck that more than half of those that never made it through the gates would probably go out and get tickets to see you again- just to be clear though, I’m not a betting woman because I need my paycheck, especially until I get these hearing aids paid for 🙂

I know some have asked for a refund. I’m not sure how that could happen nor am I one of those people.  Maybe it’s easy for me to forgive because the ticket was a gift to me, so I wasn’t out anything but my time, but it was time that was precious.  I guess I just feel some things you have to take them for what they are. A lesson learned. For me, for the venue, for Luke Bryan’s team. If you really wanted to make it up to me, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d just buy your wife my book. I’d be even happier if she liked it 🙂 Hey, a girl can dream can’t she? 🙂

If you are wondering, my sister and mom made it to the show and had a good time (until it was time to leave, but that’s a whole other story.) For them, I’m happy. But since I didn’t make it, let’s all enjoy a little Luke Bryan.

Fated Hearts by Becky Flade


Fated Hearts
by Becky Flade

Psychiatrist Henley Elliott fled her quiet life in Cleveland for a gypsy lifestyle, trying to stay one step ahead of her painful memories. When she breaks down in quirky little Trappers’ Cove, Minnesota, she meets Sheriff Carter McAlister – a man healing from his own share of hidden heartbreaks.

At the request of a friend, Carter offers Henley a job to help her get back on her feet . . . but soon he can’t resist trying to sweep the intriguing woman off them. Breaking through her carefully built shell proves to be a near-impossible task, and to make matters worse, a dangerous new presence in the Cove seems to be targeting Henley. They must learn to trust in each other in order to keep her safe.

Can Henley and Carter leave their secrets and scars in the past to get a second chance at happily ever after?

Fated Hearts
Crimson Romance | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Google Play

Fated Hearts

About the Author:bf

Home is where the heart is and I make mine with my very own knight in slightly tarnished armor in southeastern Pennsylvania. When I’m not busy living my own happily ever after, I’m writing about someone else’s.




Enjoy the following excerpt from Fated Hearts:

“What are we doing, Carter?”

“Enjoying our evening.”

“You know what I mean.” She shifted her body and lifted her hand as if to touch his face. He tensed in anticipation. She skimmed her fingertips over his jaw, his cheek, featherlight touches that left a trail of fire across his skin. “I think I’m getting used to your touch. To … how you feel.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Are you going to kiss me again?”

“Would you like me to?” He saw her nod this time and recognized the banked passion in her hooded gaze. He lowered his mouth to hers but pulled back before their lips met. “How much of what you’re feeling is you and how much me? I don’t want to influence you.”

“It’s both. And it astounds me.”

His muscles clenched with desire. He hadn’t intended to seduce her or himself tonight. He had only wanted her to become more comfortable with his company and his touch. They needed to build trust, and he’d wanted to lay that foundation. With a level of restraint he hadn’t thought he possessed he laid his forehead against hers.

“How about you kiss me, Doc?”

Hearts Teaser

Guest Post: Jenny O’Brien

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my post of Jenny O’Brien’s 777 Romance Writers Blog Fest, where she featured 7 romance writers, who answered 7 questions, over a 7 day period.  She graciously allowed me to be a part of it and since I’m all about sharing the love, I asked Jenny to be a guest here.  So, please welcome, Jenny O’Brien to the blog and take a look at the cover of her newly released, romantic comedy, Ideal Girl.

A recent poll by dating APP Lovoo has revealed The Ideal Girlfriend – She’s a 5ft 5″ dark haired Irish nurse!’ Daily Mail, February 2014.

So just who is this ‘Ideal Girl’ and where would she go to meet the Ideal Man, if indeed he exists!

Ideal girl is the first in a series of romantic novels, which find old fashioned girls thrown into modern day settings.

All set in the fictitious Dublin hospital of St Justin’s staff not only have to cope with their stressful jobs, they also have to cope with the mire that is ‘pre- relationship hell!’



Hi, Jenny! Can you first tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks for inviting me on your blog today. I’m Irish by birth and a Celt at heart so my books tend to be set in either Ireland, Scotland, Wales or France, or indeed a combination of all four!

How long have you been writing or when did you know you wanted to write?

I’ve been writing for about six years. Although like most people I always fancied having a go at writing a book I didn’t really do anything about it until the name of my first character came out of the blue. It took me another year to find the courage to put pen to paper and five more of rejections to self publish. I wish now I’d gone Indie a lot sooner!

Tell us about your latest book and the characters.

My latest book, Ideal Girl is set in a busy Dublin hospital where stressed health care professionals live on adrenaline and Starbucks. It’s initially a sweet tale of misunderstood love between a student nurse and a brain surgeon, but ends up being a lot more than that.

Where did you get the inspiration for your latest book.

I’ve worked in hospitals in a variety of roles in the past so the characterisations were easy. The story line just evolved. I’m a pantzer writer so I don’t really know what I’m going to write until it’s on the page. This does of course make editing all the more challenging as tying up plot ends is a nightmare.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

On a chair in the corner of the lounge. The television is usually blaring, but as I don’t watch it it’s not a problem.

Are you working on anything new?

Yes, I’m a third the way through the sequel of ideal Girl, where we catch up with Liddy and Mitch, but also follow a couple of other staff undergoing the trials of pre- relationship hell! This is the second in what will be a trilogy.

Give us one piece of advice or editing tip for aspiring writers.

Read everything, write constantly and be a ruthless editor – one word change can make or break a sentence.

Favorites because I’m nosey 🙂

1. Color: Green.
2. Book: How did I know you were going to ask that! There are many but I’m going for I am David by Anna Holm. Written in 1963 It tells the tale of a boy who escapes from a concentration camp.
3. Food: Funnily enough I don’t have a sweet tooth so fish and any vegetables, excepting asparagus.
4. eReader or print? I prefer print books, but I’m a reviewer for NetGalley and an eReader is a must for ARC’s
5. Hobby: There’s no room for hobbies outside the 2 R’s. I’m a bad knitter, a worse crocheter, can make a passable cake and occasionally get to pull out the odd weed!
6. Time of Day: Anytime when I’m actually left in peace for five minutes with a good book and a black coffee!
I can definitely relate to pulling out the occasional weed from the garden and love your advice for aspiring authors.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  If you’re interested in connecting with Jenny, look her up via her blog or Twitter listed below.


Jenny O’Brien was born in Dublin a very long time ago. She’s the youngest of four children’s and always dreamt of being a writer- but firstly she decided to hone her life experiences so that she’d actually have something to say. She’s had over thirty years experience as a nurse and is now living in her fourth country. She’s married with three children and is an avid collector of cats, broken laptops, notebooks and happy endings, two of which can be found in her books.