February Reading Challenge

IMG_1396[1]The first of March is upon us and if it goes according to the old saying, in like a lion out like a lamb, by the end of the month we should be in a drought.  It’s raining here in the bluegrass, but the temperatures are okay, so, at least, we don’t have to worry about ice or anything.  I’ll be honest here, I haven’t had much time to read lately.  Maybe I should rephrase that, I have had plenty of time, I just haven’t taken advantage of it.  I’ve spent some much needed time with friends and I’m still working on my second book.  I actually had it finished, sent off to an agent and got a request back.  So yeah  GREAT NEWS …. except not really.  I let my nerves get to me in a bad way and started reworking it.  I’m almost there.  Time will tell what becomes of it, I guess.  But I will say that I have put a lot into this book, A LOT and so I want it to be the best it can possibly be.   Anyhow, I have made a point to stick to my reading challenge that I set out to do in January.  In February, we were to read a book recommended by a friend.  Kathy Palm was the only person to recommend one to me and after looking at her suggestion, I decided that it would better fit another month, so I’m saving that one for later and decided to read a paperback that a friend loaned me (almost a year ago) and it turned out to be a pretty darn good read.  Toni Blake is definitely an author I’d read again.  18498553 I have already sorted through my Kindle and found my book for March, which is one that’s on the bottom of your TBR pile.  I’m ashamed to say it’s one of those freebies I downloaded when I first got my Kindle years ago and never did anything with it.  I’m terrible about that and although, I could easily say I’ll do better about reading everything I download, I know it won’t happen.  But hey, it’s there if it ever strikes my fancy, right?

Tell me, are there books you’ve had for years that you’ve never read?


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    Gosh, Dena, my TBR pile just gets bigger and bigger, and yet I barely get time to read much at all - not a good situation for a writer, is it? We're told we have to read and read! Congratulations on finishing your second book - wishing you the very best of luck with it x

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