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Loving EllieLoving Ellie by Lindsey Brookes

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Ellie Sanders is a pregnant, small town coffee shop owner whose fiancé was just killed in a freak car accident. Her hardworking and stubborn attitude derives from growing up in the foster care system after being passed around from different family members. She’s never known true love, not even with her dead fiancé until Lucas Tanner shows up.

Lucas Tanner not only recently lost his brother (Ellie’s fiancé); three years ago, he lost his wife and child too. He returns home when he learns of his brothers death, and learns that his brother was expecting a child and had a fiancé he knew nothing about.

I am on the fence with this review. While the beginning of the book was set up perfectly and I enjoyed it very much, somewhere it started jumping around with scenes not unfolding smoothly. One minute the characters would be at one place doing something and then you would quickly jump days ahead without any transition. The last several chapters were bits and pieces that just didn’t seem to fit together. I also felt this caused an unbalance in the chemistry with the hero and heroine. You feel their friendship turning into something more and then BAM! They are in love. Then there was two other POV’s introduced about midway through that I felt could have been a whole other storyline or if the author wanted to introduce them here, could have been done through the two main character’s POV instead of oddly adding two more people into the story.

Overall, the premise was good, the beginning kept you wanting more; however the ending was rushed. 2.5 Stars

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