Review- The Texan’s Cowgirl Bride

The Texan's Cowgirl BrideThe Texan’s Cowgirl Bride by Trish Milburn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The daughter of a tough ex-rodeo’er, Savannah Barron grew up a tomboy following in her father’s rodeo footsteps. Tired of the constant moving around to find the next ride, she settles down taking care of the farming aspect of the family ranch and is content with her life, until faced with the possibility of having breast cancer sends her looking for the mother who ran out on her when she was only seven.

Travis Shepherd is a former soldier turned private investigator after his wife was murdered. Although still angry with the events of losing his wife, he’s dug his heels into work never thinking he’d find love again until he runs into Savannah, an old high school friend.

I really liked the premise of this story. I liked both characters personalities and their interactions with each other. I feel the obstacles they faced were on par and believable. However with that being said, I had a hard time finding a deep connection. I felt like I was being lead around and never involved with what was happening. I understood the feelings the hero and heroine had, but didn’t actually feel them. It was like I was looking down on the surface but never got any deeper than that. Good premise, good writing, for me, it was just a lack of connection.

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