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Set To LoveSet To Love by Jennifer Rae Gravely

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I received a copy of Set To Love by Jennifer Rae Gravely through RomCon. It’s the story of two rival high school volleyball coaches that come together romantically. Randi (Randella) Sly is a young former professional volleyball player that comes back to her hometown to avenge the state title she lost as a player; she meets rival coach Blake Steele and quickly they begin challenging each other both on and off the court.

The story revolves around the school districts volleyball season, with each coach confident that their team will take home the state championship and each are willing to do anything to make that happen. Soon though, they find that they have more in common than coaching and begin spending time together much to the dismay of Randi’s father and most of her home town.

I felt Blake was a perfect hero and I say that because he was flawed yet exuded all the characteries a good hero has. It was Randi’s character that threw me. I found her to be immature for a late twenty something and the issues with her father I just didn’t undestand. On one hand she was a confident go-getter that would tell him what she thought; but then as soon as he demanded she do something, she did it without any fight. And the conflict the whole town had with her dating a rival coach seemed a little far fetched. I just didn’t feel her character was developed as well and not only in her personal life; but also in the relationship with Blake. Throughout the book, you’re given his thoughts and feelings towards her; but you never get that depth from Randi. You know she likes and misses him but her feelings of love aren’t conveyed throughlly.

This is a modest love story. There is no premarital sex, foul language or bad behavior. Not to say there isn’t any sexual tension, however it’s written in a way that you wouldn’t mind your teenage daughter reading. Overall, I liked it. There were times that I didn’t want to stop reading or couldn’t wait to get back to the story, therefore I found it enjoyable for the most part; however there was something lacking with the heroine that kept me from really loving it.

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