When Love Goes South- WIP


Flying isn’t Jillian Daniel’s most favorite thing to do and flying to Cancun during her summer break to reunite with five of her childhood friends who she hasn’t seen in three years isn’t how she planned to spend her vacation.  Not when the reunion involves her ex-husband and former best friend.  At least, the flight passes without incident when she’s seated next handsome and flirty, Grant Harris.

When love went south for Grant, he followed it—literally.  Days away from turning thirty and with a troubling year behind him, he finds himself headed to the resort where his ex-wife had an affair.  He doesn’t know why he chose to go there of all places, but he intends to make the most of it before embarking on a move across country and taking on his new job as an assistant coach for a small college out in Utah.

Love is the last thing either was looking for, but it’s the first thing they find.





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